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1. Facilitating Cultural Transitions and Change: a practical guide.

4 Square Books, Stillwater, USA, 2013

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Facilitating Cultural Transitions and Change "Facilitating Cultural Transitions and Change" provides a practical approach for facilitators needing to enhance their skills when working with participants in transition from a diverse range of multicultural backgrounds. Based on research and feedback from participants the book includes a variety of participatory materials to suit different learning goals and contexts.


Using a step-by-step approach, it gives the facilitator ideas, myths, stories, processes and models to assist with the preparation and facilitation of workshops, it includes 6 chapters:

  1. Pre-departure & managing cultural transitions
  2. Managing cultural transitions on arrival
  3. Helping family members to make successful cultural transitions
  4. Integrating into educational study groups
  5. Returning home: managing transitions
  6. Managing learning transfer and change.

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2. Facilitating Multicultural Groups: A practical guide.

2007 Kogan Page. London

Facilitating Multicultural Groups "Facilitating Multicultural Groups" provides a practical approach for facilitators needing to enhance their skills when working with people from a diverse range of backgrounds. Using a step by step approach it takes facilitators though ideas, process, models and frameworks that are designed to assist with the preparation, facilitation and evaluation of workshops.

Based on research and facilitator experiences, it:

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3. Practical Facilitation: A Toolkit of Techniques.

2003 Kogan Page. London

Practical Facilitation Practical Facilitation is an essential toolkit for new and experienced facilitators, managers, consultants, staff developers, innovators, social and community workers and students.

The book provides a stimulating and readable coverage of a broad range of proven practical and innovative techniques from around the world.

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4. Understanding Facilitation: Theory and Principles.

2002 Kogan Page. London.

Practical Facilitation Facilitation is emerging as an exciting profession. It is being used in a wide range of situations and occupations, including workplaces, leisure and health activities, organisational planning and community development

This book provides a readable introduction for newcomers to the topic as well as a critical analysis of established and current theory for existing practitioners.

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5. Facilitating Empowerment: A Handbook for

Facilitators, Trainers and Individuals.

2000 Kogan Page. London.

Facilitating Empowerment This thought provoking book demystifies power and challenges the narrow ways in which it has been described in the past.

Empowerment is about choice and this book is packed with proven techniques and numerous exercises that will enable adult learners to analyse their past experiences and change accepted definitions of power and empowerment.

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6. Facilitating Learning: Practical Strategies for

College and University.

1999 Eruditions. Melbourne.

Practical Facilitation Faciliating Learning is a series of tried and tested, practical classroom strategies for all tertiary educators in any disciplne. These strategies are designed to energise students and classroom interaction. They are inended to assist student learning and comprehension, and to help develop better interactive relationships between lecturer and student, and between students themselves.

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